Although the Department of Psychology does not require an internship, it is highly recommended that students challenge themselves by seeking various internship opportunities at hospitals, firms or schools.

The Department provides guidance as to reliable sources of internships students can take. See the guidelines below.

Direct any questions you may have about Psychology internship to:
Assistant Professor Beyza Ateş (​)

1. Find an institution for internship 4. Have the form signed to the institution officer and the internship coordinator. 7. Wait for an email from Human Resources department (Yücel Gözel Özdemir,, office: Rectorship Building, Third Floor). If you do not receive an email, you may give information to HR and internship coordinator Beyza Ateş ( 10. After the internship is completed, give information about the internship experience. (There will be an online survey for students to give feedback).
2. Send an email to the internship coordinator about the time and duration of the internship (Beyza Ateş,; office number: 505)                                                            5. Make a payment for SGK (Process of payment is written in the second page of volunteer internship form).                                                                               8. Share the document HR sent with the institution that you will have your internship. Note: These steps must be repeated if the internship is extended. For example, If you declared to have an internship for 1 month and then you decide to extend it to 2 months, you must follow the same steps again.
3. Fill the volunteer internship form. Click here. 6. Upload the signed volunteer internship form and the receipt of the payment you made to MEF University bank account Click here to upload.

9. After SGK entrance and its notification to the institution process completed, information must be given to internship coordinator via email (

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