Research Points System

Research Points System

Various courses offered by the Department of Psychology permit students to earn extra points toward their grade by participating in the Faculty’s research. We call this the Research Points System. Aside from the obvious benefit of increasing their grades, it is also hoped that students will benefit from the experience of seeing cutting-edge psychological research first hand. In particular, it is hoped that research participation will improve students’ understanding of psychological research methods and will also help them to develop their projects in their Readings and Research courses in their senior year.
The faculty makes the following commitments to students who wish to use the Research Points System: firstly, like all research participants, students will be treated ethically in accordance with the guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Secondly, the faculty will make every effort to fully explain the purpose and nature of their research after the student has completed the study, and to answer any questions the student may have about the research.

We use a web tool for administering the RPS system. This can be accessed at

Research Points System is administered for Psychology by Associate Professor Müjde Peker (

If you would like to participate in our scientific studies we conducted, you may send an email to
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