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The Department of Psychology aims to provide excellent, international-standard education and training in psychological science with the goal of being one of the top psychology departments in Turkey. Students will study the broad range of the discipline, focusing on both theoretical and applied aspects of psychology, with a strong emphasis on developing vigorous research methodology, scientific critical thinking, and applicable study skills. This learning will be facilitated by our faculty of talented, active, international researchers.
The Department of Psychology fully embraces the flipped classroom approach to education, which we use to demonstrate psychological phenomena, as well as experimental and data-analytic techniques. Students will be regularly designing and conducting their own experiments and projects. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to develop their skills by actively contributing to faculty research projects: we firmly believe that psychological science is best learnt from active psychological scientists, and interested students will be able to work alongside us as voluntary assistants, in our new dedicated research facilities.
The Department of Psychology teaches entirely in English. Our faculty as well as our department includes native English speakers. Moreover, our faculty is in collaboration with academics from top universities around the world who are experts in their area. 


  • Students are recommended to give priority to courses in their registered semester. If there are any non-taken or withdrawal courses from previous semesters, students should complete those courses firstly. After completing these courses, student can also take courses from upper semesters with the approval from their advisors. Students can take more than 36 ECTS (up to 42 ECTS) with obtaining the signature from their advisors. Relevant document can be requested from Registrar's Office. The document should be signed by their advisors.
  • Elective courses in Psychology Department are categorized into three sub groups: departmental elective, non-departmental elective and free elective. Departmental elective courses include PSYC code courses offered by our department. Non-departmental courses are offered by other departments (no PSYC code courses). Free elective courses include both departmental and non-departmental courses a student can take. Students can take 20 ECTS non-departmental, 18 ECTS departmental and 25 ECTS free elective courses.
  • There is no compulsory internship in our department. However, students are encouraged to do internship and lead to institutions by our department. You can have further information at the in internship link page on our website.

Training in psychology provides a broad range of skills, easily applicable in many industries. Psychologists work in clinics, therapy and rehabilitation centres and hospitals, in schools and education, in human resources and personnel selection, in marketing and market research, in research companies, and in advertising agencies. 
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